PLC-Module (CWMD-21)

Function Characteristic:

  • Integrated a7-layer protocol and fully-adaptive routing algorithms;
  • Its design complies with international standards, such as EIA-709.1, EIA-709.2 and EN50065-1;
  • Provide reliable  network communication, because of excellent physical layer performance and automatic routing features;
  • To obtain parameters such as lamps switchon/off, intelligent dimming, current, voltage, power, power factor and so on;
  • Carrier frequency: 132KHz; Carrier baud rate up to 5Kbps;
  • Direct connectionwith RxD and TxD of MCU, using TTL level serial interface, convenient for users to do secondary development work;
  • Through the control of one or more relays to control the lampsswitch, with optimum design for the street lamp control system;
  • Provide 1 PWM output signal, used for LED lamp dimming;
  • Establish core of artificial intelligence such as automatic meter reading, security systems, lighting control, industrial control, home and so on, with application of power line carrier communication technology.

Technical parameter: