Monitoring Center Software

Function Characteristic:

  • Application of electronic map technology to display the distribution of street lamps;
  • Using B/S architecture, monitoring and management can be done anytime and anywhere through the Internet Environment;
  • A remote centralized control center with complex structure and complete function can be established, and it can also be operated by local single machine;
  • Strict authority management to ensure system security;
  • Independent database design, support for automatic backup;
  • Long-distance witching on/of, diming control to all, a group, or a certain node, can be realized by fix-time broadcasting, fix-time Multicasting, or remote manualoperations; 
  • Long-distance loop controlling and management, remote meter reading can be realized;
  • Scientific management can be realized, using central data collection and system analysis;
  • automatic inspection, fault sound and light alarm, locate the fault point in time.