Data Concentrator(CWEC-CC70)

Function Characteristic:

  • Support AC power inputwith single phase, three-phase four wire, or direct power supply with external direct current;
  • Communicate with monitoring center through either of GPRS/CDMA, Ethernet;;
  • AdoptingSMS notification function, SMS such as street lights warning messages can be sent to manage;
  • Communicate with node controller by using PLC ;
  • Support a RS485 communication interface (suitable for MODBUS communication protocol), and can be connected to 485 Multi-function Energy Meter;
  • Unpacking information or AC contactor circuit state can be detect, using eight switch input detection;
  • Achieve street lamp loop control, using AC contactor with Six loop output control function;
  • Multichannel analog input detection(The optional matching device can be connected with a light sensor to control the street lamp according to the current lighting information and realize the light control function );
  • Adjust the plan automatically to achieve controlling anytime, according to the sunrise and sunset (or terminator) automatically adjust the plan of control task;
  • With LCD display and key function, support local operation (optional matching device);
  • Withfunction of automatic time correcting, to achieve synchronization of clock of   centralized controller and monitoring center server;
  • With convenient and quick software upgrade function, softwareof Date Concentrator can be upgraded remotely through monitoring center;
  • Software of Date Concentrator can be upgradelocally, through the network interface;
  • Each Date Concentratorcan manage up to 1024 node controllers at most;
  • Gooddata analysis and management capabilities, handling system alarm information, etc.;
  • Concentrator can be operatedindependently of host computer, and execute the operation according to schedule task.

Technical parameter: