About Huazhi Technology

Shenzhen Huazhi Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in 2009. It is located in Shenzhen high-tech nanshan park. It’s a professional high-tech enterprises engaged in intelligent street lighting, tunnel lighting,smart community, smart city integrated programs. The company has been identify with Shenzhen high-tech enterprises and National high-tech enterprises from China. We also successively undertake many national level innovation fund projects, Shenzhen science and technology plan development project, and has received dozens of intellectual property rights, our products also successfully passed CE, UL, EMC, ROHS and many other domestic and international certification as well.
In the field of intelligent lighting monitoring system, after nearly 4 years of research and development and continuous improvement in practical engineering applications, we have launched four major application scenarios that combine the communication technology based on power line carrier, Internet technology, RS485 wired communication technology and wireless GRPS/CDMA communication technology perfectly: Intelligent control reform project of traditional street lamp, twice energy-saving intelligent monitoring project of LED street lamp, intelligent monitoring project of tunnel light zoning and remote intelligent control and management project. And the company is undertaking the technology innovation fund of the Ministry of science and technology. We are looking for great partnerships and would love to offer more smart solutions to our clients on bidding programs together!